Exterior Car Wash Packages

Basic Car Wash

Special Price:
$5.99 plus tax


Hot Lava Foam Car Wash & Wax

Under Body Wash Hot Wax Triple Foam Wax Double Drying Power Sealer Wax Simoniz Hot Wax Rain.X Special Price: $11.99 including tax


In & Out Car Wash Packages

Basic Interior & Exterior

Basic Wash

Vacuum Seats and Carpets

Plastic Matts Power Washed

$24.99 including tax

Super Clean Interior & Exterior

Work Wash

Vacuum Seats and Carpet

Plastic Matts Power Washed

Trunk Vacuum

Thorough Cleaning Door,
Panels and Consoles

Tire Dressing

Armor all Protection
if customer wants

$29.99 including tax
We have been serving car wash and car detailing in Toronto since 2005. We are situated at Provost Drive & Sheppard Avenue corner.