Car Wash Packages

Exterior Packages

Basic Car Wash

Special Price:
$7.99 including tax


Hot Lava Foam Car Wash & Wax

Under Body Wash Hot Wax Triple Foam Wax Double Drying Power Sealer Wax Simoniz Hot Wax Rain.X Special Price: $15.99 including tax


Car Wash Packages

Interior & Exterior Packages

Basic Interior & Exterior

Basic Wash

Hand Dry

Vacuum Seats and Carpets

Plastic Matts Power Washed


Super Clean Interior & Exterior

Work Wash

Hand Dry

Vacuum Seats and Carpet

Plastic Matts Power Washed

Trunk Vacuum

Thorough Cleaning Door,
Panels and Consoles

Tire Dressing and Wipe
Down Rims

Armor all Protection
if customer wants

We have been serving car wash and car detailing in Toronto since 2005. We are situated at Provost Drive & Sheppard Avenue corner.